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Tulasi Home: Top Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi

Tulasi Home is the best halfway home for people who want to recover from mental illnesses under the observation of well-experienced psychiatrists and doctors.

In a short span of time, Tulasi Home has developed its image as the best rehabilitation centre in Delhi for mental illnesses. Not only Indians but also residents of neighbouring countries like Pak, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, come to Tulasi Home to get top quality rehabilitation at an affordable price. We have treated a large number of patients with mental illness and drug addiction. They are living normal lives and are in touch with us. We are famous among them as a mental rehabilitation centre in Delhi, psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Delhi, schizophrenia rehabilitation center in Delhi..

Like other top rehabilitation centres in Delhi, Tulasi Home has well-furnished rooms, recreational area, outdoor area, and after care program for mentally unwell patients. We provide a stress free environment and 24/7 hours support to patients suffering from chronic mental illness so that they are able to recover faster and improve their lives.

Our team of highly professional psychiatrists and psychologists study the patient’s history and observe their present status so as to customise the rehab program for them in order to provide them with the best treatment plan. In our rehabilitation center in Delhi, we have appointed experienced and trained paramedical staff along with mental health professionals who help patients to cope with their mental illness.

The treatment is initiated with medication to stabilise the mental illness then we create an individualised rehabilitation program. Our prime focus is to combine psychiatric medicines with holistic rehabilitation programs. Yoga, laughter therapy, exercise, meditation, art and various types of recreational activities are organised in our Delhi rehabilitation centre. We try to encourage the patient’s to behave in a positive manner so that they are able to fight their triggers on their own.

This is what makes us the best psychiatric rehabilitation centre in Delhi. Get an appointment with us to discuss your case.

Remember, as you get late, the recovery chances deteriorate. In other words, contact us before it’s too late.

Key Features at Glance

This rehabilitation centre offers customised rehab treatment.

Patients are treated as residents not inmates at our Psychiatric nursing home.

Easy to afford treatment is promised by our rehabilitation centre in Delhi.

Holistic rehab program includes yoga, meditation, singing, dancing, laughter therapy and many more

Our rehab in Delhi offers treatment from India’s top level experienced psychiatrist.

Rehabilitation programs are organised for all types of chronic mental illnesses.

Psychiatric rehabilitation centre is appointed with rooms to accommodate 50 patients at a given time.

At India’s leading psychiatric hospital 24 x7 support is provided by compassionate medical and paramedical staff.

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