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My First Day as a Mental Health Fellow

My first day as a mental health fellow at Tulasi healthcare was a delight. Being a student who is passionate upon building a career in clinical psychology, i got a chance to meet and interact with some of the most passionate personalities involved in the treatment of mental disorders. Right from the first day, I was informed about the importance of rapport formation in the treatment process and also got the exposure on how to take case history in a pertinent way. I highly appreciate the fact that the facility provides patients enough liberty as well as space to spend their day with individual attention give to them. Furthermore, i attended an excellent session on de-addiction and i absolutely adore how the whole process of de-addiction was explained in connection with spirituality. Later during the day, i got a chance to interact with a patient and was involved in the task to make his weekly schedule which he needs follow after getting discharged. He was such a charming personality and i really learned a lot (especially the basics which the therapist needs to follow which talking to the patient)  from the hour long conversation which i had with him. I really look forward for more such exciting and informative experiences at Tulasi Healthcare.

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