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How can we support teen mental health?


teen mental health

A person’s mental health always describes their social and emotional stability. At a young age, children need to develop good mental health and build strong relationships with the community. Teenagers who have good mental health feel happier and enjoy their life. They have healthier relationships with their family and friends. They will have the capability to bounce back from ups and downs in their life.

We can promote good mental health to teenagers by:

Building strong relationships: The love and support from the family &friends to the adolescents can build a healthier relationships. This can have a direct and positive influence on children’s mental health conditions. Hence, we can support their mental health by showing love, affection, and care.

Encourage them to share their feelings: Look for all the ways you can check on them. Remind them that you are there for them and will support them at any point in their life. A few words of encouragement make them more comfortable around you and they can share their feelings more comfortably.

Try to spend more time with them: Give more time to your children and enjoy every moment while spending with them. Show them that you are interested in knowing what is happening in the teenager’s life. Try to give value to their ideas and opinions which will help them to start thinking on their own. Praise their efforts and point out the good things done during the work.

Work through conflict together: When a conflict arises, try to listen to the teen’s point of view and sort out it calmly. Never discuss the issue when you are angry and talk about that conflict later. Try to be honest and transparent while resolving the issue. Show them how you are experiencing the stress due to the issue and show them how you are dealing with it. When the issue is not resolved, take some time and discuss with your child how to process the ideas to solve it.

Spread awareness about stigma: Stigma surrounds our entire society. We can reduce the stigma by creating more awareness in society. It can be done by joining your children in a mental health club in their school. It is a great step forward in reducing the stigma that surrounds mental health. Another way can be to call the children by their names rather than using words like a psycho, etc. Giving respect makes them more confident to live their life happily.


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