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Clinical Psychology Internship Doubts Clarified. What it is, and why is it important?

clinical psychology internship

“The field of Clinical Psychology involves research, teaching and services relevant to the applications of principles, methods and procedure for understanding, predicting and alleviating intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, social and behavioural maladjustment, disability and discomfort, applied to a wide range client populations.” – The Division of Clinical Psychology of American Psychological Association, as by Resnick (1991)

Clinical psychology is concerned with the identification, evaluation, and treatment of mental illnesses, emotional disorders, and behavioural issues. It focuses on the cognitive, emotional, biological, psychological, social, and behavioural aspects of human functioning across the life span, cultures, and socioeconomic levels. Clinical Psychologists use therapeutic models, which include cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy, developmental therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy. For a Clinical psychologist to be able to do the things mentioned above, exposure to real-life examples of cases is crucial in the early stage of the career.

During Clinical Psychology Internship, one has to perform administrative and clerical duties such as responding to patients’ inquiries and concerns, assisting psychology professionals with counselling and therapies, and interpreting patients’ behaviours and practises.

The Clinical Psychology Internship is essential because it provides individuals with an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge. While also learning new skills from experienced professionals who can give them guidance, advice and counselling on how to improve their psychological capabilities.

There is an increase in global demand for clinical psychologists, which reflects the rapid expansion in the application of cognitive approaches to clinical as well as social problems. Clinical Psychology Internship is a valuable professional development program that enables increased competence, effective patient care, and dynamic teamwork. During the Clinical Psychology Internship, individuals can observe real cases, assist with real-time execution, and monitor treatment.

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