Rehabilitation center For Chronic Mental Illness | Mental Health Fellowship


Admission Process


We welcome individuals who have mental health issues or other special needs.
Men who have been diagnosed with mental illness are eligible to apply to our mental health program. Women who suffer from mental health issues are welcome to apply for residency as well.

Our facilities are not wheelchair accessible. We are able to accommodate a limited number of residents with physical limitations or other medical complications, however an ability to climb stairs is required.

Treatment Strategy

To achieve long-term recovery, treatment must address specific, individual patient needs and must take the whole person into account and a treatment startegy is made. This is a two fold strategy: Medical Treatment & Psychotherapy


Treatment during the detoxification period is generally symptomatic so as to relieve the withdrawals and craving.


Behavioural therapies can also help people improve communication, relationship, and parenting skills, as well as family dynamics. Some of the more established behavioural treatments, such as contingency management and cognitive behavioural therapy, are also being adapted for group setting to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Steps for Admission

  • Admission to Tulasi Healthcare to stabilize the patient and establish a treatment strategy for 2 weeks
  • Transfer of patients to Tulasi Home
  • The setting of Patient at Tulasi Home: Arrival on the ward can be a very distressing and confusing time. Ward staff will be aware of this and will ensure that they help the person settle for example by showing them around the ward. Nursing staff and medical staff dress in everyday clothes and can be identified by their name badge.
  • Initial assessment of the patient: A keyworker (sometimes called a primary nurse, named nurse or care co-ordinator) is introduced to each new patient within a few days of admission.
  • Care at Tulasi Home: We make a plan that should be drawn up together with the person and their carers, and it should be clear which professional is co-ordinating the implementation of the plan.

Planning for your Stay

  • It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality healthcare. In order to do so, we have established some important guidelines to prepare for your stay.
  • Please bring all prescription medications/herbal supplements with you or the contact information for your pharmacy.
  • It is requested that you bring all clothing items in 1 suitcase.
  • Please notify hospital of sleep-related needs, such as C-PAP, oxygen, elevation of the head of the bed, egg crate or air mattress, incontinence supplies, etc., before admission.
  • Please bring guardianship/custody/foster care placement paperwork, if applicable.
    Items Not Allowed in Inpatient Areas
  • For the safety of our patients and staff, the following items are not permitted on the inpatient areas:     
  1.  Electronic items (cell phones, IPODS, video games)
  2. Jewelry (wedding rings are allowed)
  3. Purses and wallets
  4. Any glass & metal objects (including underwire bras)
  5. Scarves, belts, shoe strings, and draw-strings
  6. Flammable items (matches, lighters etc.)
  7. Drugs & alcohol
  8. Mouthwash, hairspray, nail polish remover, aerosol spray