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We started Tulasi home with a simple vision, inclusion of chronic patients in society. We aim to provide a secure environment and a supportive atmosphere for adults to become productive participants in society despite the challenges of mental illness. Our role is to structure a resident’s individual environment to give a resident the best chance at success in the community. We have tried to achieve this vision by outstanding clinical services, innovative approaches to a collaborative medical system, and educating primary care physicians. The program is individualized for each resident and enhances the quality of life in a less restrictive environment while nurturing independence, dignity, personal life choices, and peace of mind for families.


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Our group homes for adults with mental illness form a community best suited for residents who are diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizo-affective disorder, and other thought disorder diagnoses as appropriate.

In order to determine appropriate placement, each applicant is reviewed carefully and fairly with complete discretion. Of utmost importance and consideration is the concern of how each particular applicant will fit into the already established community of residents at Tulasi Home.

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